Terms And Conditions

Definition of terms


The company refers to RHF Fans Limited and includes any subsidiary of the company by which the goods are sold.  Goods refers to merchandise or wares supplied by Kale Brayan and any of its subsidiaries. Customer refers to a person who buys goods from RHF Fans Limited and any of its subsidiaries.

General terms and conditions : The conditions shall be incorporated in all Contracts for the sale of goods by the company.

The company shall not accept liability for failure to fulfill its obligations as spelled in this contract due to regulations, import and export restrictions, fire accident, weather, industrial action of any kind or an Act of God. In such circumstances the company is entitled to terminate the contract.   

General terms and conditions for contract:

The acceptance of our quotation shall be accompanied by accurate and sufficient information. The company reserves the right to amend prices and other terms to cover for increased costs after acceptance. The company quotation specifies goods, accessories and work to be carried out. Any related services outside the contract such as erection, installation and commissioning are only available upon request and will apply to contracts that we accept an order of such work.

All drawings, performance curves, specifications, weights and dimensions submitted with the company’s tender are an approximation. Illustrations and descriptions contained in the company’s price lists, catalogue and other advertisement are intended to give customers a general idea of goods described therein. None shall form part of the contract.  General terms and conditions for sale of goods Inspection is carried out on all our goods before dispatch. Goods are also subjected to our standard running tests where applicable. If tests other than those specified in the company’s tender are required, the customer will meet the costs of the tests. 

Flows of uncertainty of measurement may develop in volume flows above and below the normal operating range hence the company shall not be liable to unsatisfactory flow patterns at inlet and outlet.   The fan performance figures given in the company’s quotation in relation to speed, pressure, volume, efficiency, hose power and noise are based on extensive tests carried out by the company. Although not guaranteed, it is reasonably expected to achieve a performance level of + or – 5%. 

Terms related to delivery of goods Dates given for delivery are approximated and are given for informational purposes only. They shall not constitute a breach of contract. The company is entitled to supply goods from the most convenient location and method of carriage. The company is also entitled to charge the customer the cost of transporting the goods. The customer shall collect the goods within three days of being notified.   The risk in the goods is passed to the customer upon delivery. 

The company is not obliged to provide test certificates unless the customer requests in advance and in reasonable time. 

Governing law : The contract shall be governed by the laws of India regarding to its conflict of law provisions. The customer submits to exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian Courts upon signing this contract.