Kale Brayan-SHVLS

Engine Series


HVLS, which is driven by PMSM advanced drive, is named SHVLS (Super High-Volume Low Speed). It is the most advanced solution in the world of HVLS industry, representing the future development trend of HVLS industry. Kale R & D team masters the latest core technology of PMSM in the world and has solved the industrial issues in terms of the large torque and low speed. We developed the first super large diameter SHVLS  by using mature technology. We named it Engine Series, and all the performance indexes of this product reached the highest level in the world.

Main Components Tech

PMSM technology has the characteristics of high speed / torque ratio, better dynamic flexibility, high efficiency, long life, low noise, wide speed range and so on. It is the highest standard of HVLS industry in the world. Through the company’s design and development for many years, the current Master of Application of PMSM in the HVLS industry theory and the most cutting-edge technology, and transformed into productive forces. We have proved through the actual performance, the product greatly exceeded the performance of kale all foreign HVLS products, reached world leading level.

The design of impact and infection has broken through the application of fan as a functional product and has become the art of adding space grade. At the same time, it also transfers the new style of energy saving and environmental protection to the heart of every feeling. The R & D team added a substantial number of options to the product for the users to choose. For example, the user can choose the appropriate color to match the original architectural style, and can also increase the practical function of the LED lamp, etc.

 Select SKF to increase the bearing, CNC high precision carving and milling process, high precision process matching. The stability of the transmission system and the long service life are guaranteed.

Adopt imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium, PVFD processed in surface, and aerodynamics fan blade design. Kale new special patent——Kale Airfoil Blades™, there is 3 sets strengthening support systems inside, which increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the drop of fan blade tail and the loss and fatigue of fan blade to connecting pieces completely.


BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 16ft (4.9m)
Air Volume 538000 CMH
Speed 100RPM
Fan Weight 64kg
Motor Power 0.6Kw
FL Current 3.0Amps/220V   
Sound Level <39dB(A)
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 18ft (5.5m)
Air Volume 633000 CMH
Speed 80RPM
Fan Weight 68kg
Motor Power 0.7Kw
FL Current 3.0Amps/220V
Sound Level <38dB(A)
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 20ft (6.1m)
Air Volume 700800 CMH
Speed 70RPM
Fan Weight 73kg
Motor Power 0.8Kw
Full Load Current 4.0Amps/220V 
Sound Level <39dB(A)