Airpole I-Pole Series


The overall design of i-Pole Series is like an umbrella, with Engine series design concept, which makes the applications wider. It is also humanized to be customized as users’ requirements, making it harmonize with the surroundings, stylish, luxurious and modern.

Main Components Tech


With powerful & impressive design, KALE FAN is not only a functional product, but also a work of art to enhance space taste. Meanwhile, every user will have a deep impression of its features of energy-saving and pro-environment.

Our design group has added many humanized options for users. For example, we can customize fan color to meet user’s architectural style. Of course, we also can add LED lights. We will try to meet users.


BLDC technology, with lots of excellent features, such as high speed or torque ratio, better dynamic performance, high efficiency, long service time, lower noise and wide speed range, is the highest level in HVLS industry around the world. With several years development and research, Kale has achieved the most advanced theory and technology of BLDC in HVLS industry and has applied in production. It has been proved that the quality performance of Kale products has surpassed quality performance abroad through actual comparison and reached international advanced level, showing Chinese wisdom and manufacturing capacity to the world.


Use SKF bearing, CNC high precision carving technology, high precision assembly, which guarantees the stability of transmission system and service life.



Adopt imported special high strength aircraft grade magnalium, PVFD processed in surface, and aerodynamics fan blade design. Kale new special patent——Kale Airfoil Blades™, there is 3 sets strengthening support systems inside, which increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the drop of fan blade tail and the loss and fatigue of fan blade to connecting pieces completely.


The kind of empennage is always seen among airplanes and motorcycle races, but it’s not designed for beauty. Eddies will be formed in the end of the streamlined fan blade while air flow is running. With empennage, this part of energy loss will be avoided, fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.


BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 8ft (2.4m)
Air Volume 273000 CMH
Speed 120RPM
Motor Power 0.15Kw
FL Current 2.0Amps/220V
Sound Level <40dB(A)
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 10ft (3.0m)
Air Volume 331800 CHM
Speed 100RPM
Motor Power 0.3Kw
FL Current 2.0Amps/220V
Sound Level <40dB(A)
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 10ft (3.6m)
Air Volume 393600 CMH
Speed 90RPM
Motor Power 0.4Kw
FL Current 2.0Amps/220V
Sound Level <40dB(A)
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size India 14ft (4.2m)
Air Volume 453000 CMH
Speed 76RPM
Motor Power 0.41Kw
Full Load Current 2.0Amps/220V
Sound Level <40dB(A)