Airmove Series

Air move Series is a portable large volume fan newly developed by KALEFANS. The fan is high to 2M and can be moved easily indoors and outdoors with 4 wheels added. Meanwhile, the fan adopts PMSM motor to drive the fan blade, which can produce large & continuous air. In hot &stuffy weather, the cooling effect of one Air move Series fan is comparable to the effect of more than 20 sets small fan. The entire steel frame of the fan is integrated designed, sturdy and durable, so it can be used in most of places with complicated situations. Air move Series is a kind of fan with high volume and low speed which is widely used indoors & outdoors, not only to ventilate & cool, but also to be a portable wind source to feel the cooling everywhere. Where is required wind, there is a Air move fan.

Product Details

BrandKale Brayan
Max Speed 220r/min
Wind speed 0-24m(7m/s-0.9m/s) 
Air Volume 10683m/min
Motor type PMSM Motor
Motor Power 0.4Kw
Supply power 220v/1p
Full Load Current 1.8A
Sound Level <40dB(A)
Protection levelsIP55

·         Super large air volume

Ultra-long air blowing, the effective distance is more than 18m;

·         Move easily

Designed with 4 wheels, the fan is able to move everywhere easily;

·         Energy saving

With only 0.4KW power, very low energy consumption;

·         Quiet & Low noise

Low noise with lesser than 40DB level.

·         Stepless Speed Control

PMSM motor driving fan blade, VFD stepless speed control, easy to operate;

·         Waterproof/Dustproof

Protection level is IP55, waterproof in overall. The fan can be used in rainy/ humid days and is easy to clean with water;

·         Modularization installation

The fan is modular design, which is suitable for carrying and easy to be installed. with only 0.4KW power, very low energy consumption;

The wind speed in every area is different. The shadow parts show the cooling area of the fan. The darker the shadow is , the faster the speed is.

The air blowing distance is up to 18m, Within the distance of 18m, the speed decreases from 7m/s to 0.9m/s(the longer, the slower)

The data is obtained at the max speed of motor. The motor is stepless speed control, the speed range is 0-220rpm/min.