BOREAS III series is a new type of fan developed by Kale Fans based on PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) technology. its maximum diameter is 7.3 meters.

The product combines a series of advanced technologies such as aerodynamics, transmission dynamics, pulse width modulation control technology, mechanical mechanics, simulation technology, communication control, industrial design, etc., and is manufactured by advanced precision processing equipment at home and abroad.

It can promote the circulation of space airflow under extremely high efficiency, achieve the purpose of cooling personnel, and greatly improve the environmental comfort

BOREAS III - Technical Advantage

BOREAS III - Parameters

BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size 16ft(4.9m)
Air Volume10700m³/min
Speed 10-75RPM
Fan Weight108kg
Motor Power 1.0kW
FL Current4.5A
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size 18ft(5.5m)
Air Volume11500m³/min
Speed 10-65RPM
Fan Weight111kg
Motor Power 1.0kW
FL Current4.5A
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size 20ft(6.1m)
Air Volume12200m³/min
Speed 10-60RPM
Fan Weight114kg
Motor Power 1.2kW
FL Current5.5A
BrandKale Brayan
Fan Size 24ft(7.3m)
Air Volume13100m³/min
Speed 10-50RPM
Fan Weight120kg
Motor Power 1.3kW
FL Current5.9A