High Volume Low Speed Fans (HVLS)

While choosing fan system for any kind of use many factors should be considered like effectiveness of system, affordable price facility size, and any obstructions if any for air to. Ceiling / box/centrifugal/ cross flow/ axial / propeller fans may come for consideration. HVLS – High-volume low-speed has come to fulfill the need of great air movement which is a great solution for ventilation / circulation of air in big places like plants.


·        High velocity air gives disruptive and unpleasant

·        The speed of air is too great per hour

·        But in hot air condition, slow moving air is best

·        In high velocity the air flows in narrow very fast


By the advantage of physics fluid dynamics NASA has inspired airfoils deigns the latest production technologies thus the high efficient air movement system came to existence in late 1990s.  HVLS fans is available in all major parts of India like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi.


It was originally designed to develop evaporating cooling effect for large areas up to 20000 square feet. The system is also used for combat wasted in times of cooler season, to reduce installation, cost of operating, delivering healthy air mix and

·        HVLS fans has reached great comfort by means of bring warm air from ceiling to floor by minimizing the heat loss by roof vents/skylights

·        More effective than high fans which normally push warm air down to floor and HVLS fan saves 20% energy and more because of de-stratification of hot air in facility

·        In  floor and other level of elevation the air is mixed to evict cold/hot spots of building

·        The air should be continuously replaced along with the outside air  in order to achieve appropriate ventilation is reduced

·        Silent and non- irritating , fan does not has much sound

·        HVLS fans offers effective and affordable  cool environment but the air conditioner is not feasible at any point in case of un-insulated building / buildings of large opening , doors

·        Non- interrupted cooling enhances the comfort / productivity of work place

·        HVLS fans reduces the operating cost A/Cs by minimizing the output amount needed and offering equal cooling effect in low cost

·        Fresh air coming inside is constantly mixed with indoor air giving effective ventilation / reducing full amount of ventilation needed to achieve required air

·        Minimizing air volume for ventilation deduce the usage of high- speed exhaust fans required in few cases eliminating  them , reducing fan consumption up to 90%

·        This fan can be installed easily was created to work in conjunction along with environment , fire, and safety control.

·        When it comes to maintenance on HVLS fans the periodic maintenance includes cleaning of anodized blades, inspection of safety features, bolt tightening

·        The size selection should be concerned with height, size, location etc.

Our HVLS Fans:

EURUS II series HVLS fans

EURUS III series HVLS fans

Engine Series HVLS fans

Diamond series HVLS fans

Airpole I-Pole series HVLS fans

Airmove series HVLS fans


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