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Safety measures

100% safe measures

1. Safety guy wire:  each steel wire can bear over 1000kg and with the joint being set up double protection.
2. Airfoil retainer: to reconnect all the fan blades and the hub as an integrated structure.
3. Fasteners:  Fastener enjoys the application of industrial bolt of 12.9 degree and the practical stress endure above 10 times.
4. Anti-off protective structure—safety ring, trapezoidal out shaft and reverse thread bolt: once accidents occur, the safety ring would prevent hub falling down.
5. VFD control system: Once the accidents occur, it would automatically alarm and stop the operation.

Safety of Installation

We have an experienced engineering team on electricity, mechanism and architecture who will provide the most reasonable installation plan for different structures according to stress analysis, and can install fans for qualified structures.
We all know that installation is a very vital process, so during it, strict norms & installation standards and our profession must eliminate all your doubts.
1.Customized installation plan.
2.Well-equipped with life truck.
3.Rich experience to debug the level, height and balance.
4.Dynamic balance test, make sure to run steadily.
5.Fasteners with torque standard, achieve the best fastening.
6.Brief & scientific installation process.